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When using a GSM intercom you can receive incoming calls on land line or your mobile instead of using the inner unit. After somebody rings the event is handled by the GSM intercom unit and calls the previously saved phone number. You might be anywhere but you can receive the call and you even can open the gate with the button of your phone.

Solution advantages:

  • Due to the GSM system the owner need not to be in the vicinity of the entryphone. Calls can be answered from anywhere even the gate can be opened
  • It is safe as your house/flat never stays unattended, you can always answer the call of the entryphone
  • You can open even two gates with your phone buttons (button 4 and 6)
  • Attributes (gate/garage/barrier) of outputs can be set individually
  • We can handle even a 4 flat entryphone with GSM entryphone
  • We can associate two phone numbers to every flat. If the first number is not answering the call or not available it calls automatically the second number.
  • With battery (that issold separately) you can provide UPS to your entryphone so you might be noticed of power failure
  • Thanks to the 16000 event memory you can review events of the past (even years)
  • Easy and quick programming and setting, on site or remotely alike
  • Due to the GSM solution we can avoid cable annoyances and additional fees
  • You can easily store/remove users in minutes from anywhere even abroad (SMS command, voice menu)
  • Thanks to the Bluetooth adapter (sold separately)servicing and programming can be achieved even from a 10 meters distance so the gate controller closure need not to be opened

Do not forget the followings:

  • The module works by simply inserting a SIM card (postpaid or prepaid)
  • Conversation over the entryphone is regarded as a regular voice call; its price depends on your telephone rates
  • The module needs separate (its own) power source
  • Take into consideration the space needed for the attachable antenna
  • The GSM module can be installed in the controlling closure or in its own case
  • The GSM entryphone can be coupled with 4+n lined entryphones


  • Choose the most optimal rate so you can use the GSM entryphone with most favorable rates
  • It is suggested –if it is possible- the entryphone SIM card be in the same package with the called numbers so entryphone calls might be even for free
  • In the case of a family house family members can be individually seeked/called
  • In minihotels at a reception it is ideal as they can receive the calls anywhere
  • You can always receive entryphone calls in the garden, at next door neighbor, in the tub or even abroad
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