Specijalni antivandal audio i video interfoni


Rock Indoor anti-vandal audio and video intercoms are compatible with digital Plus installation, allowing any combination without switching units: audio with video invitation board, telephones with monitors...

Coding door panel can be programmed to be used in a building with one or more inputs as the main invitation panel at the main entrance to the complex structures of buildings.

The door panel can manage up to 225,000 apartments with a total of 225 buildings, which makes a 1000 apartments per building. The maximum number of units in the apartment, with no additional power supply, is 3.

Anti-vandal basic electronic characteristics of audio and video door panel with 4 wires are:

  • Sound module for independent volume adjustment on the door panel and caller intercom headset
  • Acoustic confirmation signal on the door panel confirms that the call is in progress or that the system is busy. This information is also shown on the display
  • Simply programming of the system using the keypad panel or via PC
  • Text edition like on your mobile phone
  • Transfer of the contents on the display of other panels or doorman exchange over the installation wires
  • Scheduled time of unlocking of 0 to 99 seconds
  • Two calling methods: direct access over the apartment code or by searching the names of tenants in the content.
  • Access control with four codes with 4 digits each. The third code can be temporarily disabled, while the last entered incorrect code sends an alert message to receptionist over the exchange
  • Cyclic messages with instructions for use, time, user text and system status is displayed

Anti-vandal technical features of audio and video coded door panel for buildings:

  • Dial-up table of a thick aluminum (2.5 mm) with rounded edges in brown
  • Policarbon glass for the camera with a thickness of 4 mm 
  • Double wall for insulation of the speakers and preventing access of the current to the speaker
  • Security screws with a special key
  • Anti-vandal piezoelectric aluminium keypad with a thickness of 4mm 
  • 2 x 16 backlit LCD display protective polycarbonate with a thickness of 6mm
  • Dimensions 144 (W) x 240 (H) mm - external
  • Dimensions 139 (W) x 234 (H) x 58 (D) mm - internal


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